Sunday, April 27, 2008

Well- that's another draft under Reese's belt as GM

I hate it when, right after a draft has been completed, the lists of who "drafted best" and who "drafted worse" are' written by the same people who erroneously predict who will be drafted in the first place in one of their many mock drafts. They have no mroe chance of being right in their predictions then you or I do- but that's what sells papers, as the saying goes, so these lists continue and will alway continue until drafting college players is finished- which certainly won't happen in your or my lifetimes!

I am happy that the Giants seemed to be able to fill needs that their GM, Jerry Reese, seemed to think they had, and looking at his draft record - last year alone- I am willing to concede that if he's happy, we should be a point. He has to put a spin on the draft he just completed- after all, at the end of the day (or season) it will be HIS neck on the line, just as he received the credit (and rightfully so, along with former GM Ernie Acorsi) for the amazing draft of 2007 that helped us get to, and win, this years' Super Bowl!!

So let's sit back, enjoy baseball season, and wait until August to get excited (or not) about this draft. In the meantime, let's still bask in the fact that we won this Super Bowl, our first in almost 20 years, and leave it at that...for now...